What is a Prostate Vanguard?

Prostate Oncology Specialists in Marina del Rey, CA is leading a movement to help men learn that they have options for their prostate cancer — Dr. Mark Scholz discusses this introduction to the Prostate Vanguard and introduces color Doppler ultrasound and multiparametric MRI vs Biopsies.

THE MOVEMENT Prostate Oncology Specialists is starting up a movement to bring awareness to new technology in the prostate cancer realm.

THE MESSAGE The status quo of over a million men getting prostate biopsies every year is such an egregious problem and solutions exist – good imaging. Good imaging with color Doppler ultrasound or multiparametric MRI now allows men to have their prostates evaluated and not go through needle biopsies. Now, this is a huge advantage – needle biopsies are causing all kinds of problems with infections, discomfort, and worse of all the discovery of low-grade prostate cancer that don’t need treatment and get treatment anyway. The Prostate Vanguard is an attempt by Prostate Oncology Specialists to raise awareness about these new technologies that are helping men get more accurate information.

THE IMPORTANCE The implications are so important because as you’ve all heard, PSA testing has come into question recently and it’s because of the excess number of prostate biopsies, not because of PSA.

THE AWARENESS We want to help everyone know that the old way of doing things, random biopsy on everybody who has an elevated PSA is no longer appropriate, good imaging is a much better substitute.


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