Fear leads to bad decisions.

The prostate is in the center of a man’s sexuality. Treatment must be selected with great care to avoid devastating effects on quality of life. Even with the worst types of prostate cancer, men live for years. Because the survival is so prolonged, bad decisions affect sexual and urinary function for a lifetime.

Once men face a recent prostate cancer diagnosis or fear of being diagnosed, upon hearing “cancer” may lead to fearful thinking and a bad treatment decision.   Patients struggle to understand their personal priorities and need to educate themselves about every treatment alternative.  Good decisions result from hearing unbiased, balanced and individualized advice.

We are prostate professionals. It is important to consult with a prostate specialist who exclusively treats prostate cancer.  They will be practicing innovative and cutting edge medicine.  Real day-to-day clinic experience treating large numbers of men with one disease—in this case prostate cancer—improves the skill level of the practicing doctors. Skillful doctors are of great value because new medicines are being approved at an ever faster pace. Familiarity with their use can only be achieved at a high-volume prostate cancer clinic. A full-time prostate oncologist gains practical experience that takes years to appear in textbooks. Urologists cannot stay apace of new information – surgery is not the gold standard – it is yesterday’s best treatment.

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soundcloudSoundCloud Channel

Kirk’s PowerAging Tips:  Host Kirk Hamilton, PA-C
Aired:  21 January 2018  Run time: 38:23
Summary: Mark Scholz, MD discusses “What Are The Keys to Successful Prostate Cancer Detection, Prevention and Treatment? ”  LISTEN HERE

Hecho en California 1010AM / KATD 990 AM:  Hosts Marcos and Isabel Gutierrez
Aired:  18 December 2017  Run time: 28:19
Summary: Mark Scholz, MD discusses “What’s New in Prostate Cancer” and his latest book, “The Key to Prostate Cancer” interview in Spanish. LISTEN HERE

Hecho en California 1010AM / KATD 990 AM:  Hosts Marcos and Isabel Gutierrez
Aired:  16 December 2016  Run time: 26:12
Summary: Mark Scholz, author of Invasion of the Prostate Snatchers, prostate cancer interview in Spanish. LISTEN HERE

Talk of the Nation: NPR with host Ira Flatow
Aired: 10 September 2010 Run time: 24:05
Summary: Ads urge men of a certain age to get screened for prostate cancer. But is “test early, test often” the best approach? Otis Brawley of the American Cancer Society and Mark Scholz, author of Invasion of the Prostate Snatchers, discusses other approaches. LISTEN HERE


06 May 2019 Prostate Oncology Specialists Launches PROSTATE PROS Podcast to Educate Men with Prostate Cancerprnewswire.com

16 April 2019  “Your vision for sparking a movement must be “credible, viable, practical, worthwhile, and achievable,” an interview with authors Sara Connell & Mark C. Scholz, MDthriveglobal.com by Sara Connell thriveglobal.com

24 January 2019 “Expert Debunks Prostate Cancer.” The Acorn by John Loesing theacorn.com

10 November 2018 “Cutting out Surgery for Prostate Cancer.” www.curetoday.com by Mark Scholz, MD  curetoday.com

03 April 2018 “Prostate Oncologist Releases New Book That Explains Why Men Should Keep Their Prostates, Even After A Cancer Diagnosis” prnewswire.com

05 October 2017 “10 Treatment Options for Prostate Cancer Patients.” mediaplanet.com by Mark Scholz, MD Media Planet

25 September 2017 “Meet Mark Scholz of Prostate Oncology Specialists in Marina del Rey.” VoyageLA.com by VoyageLA Staff voyagela.com

25 September 2016 “New Nuclear-Imaging Tests Show Promise in Locating Cancer.” The Wall Street Journal by Amy Or WSJ.com

09 May 2016  “A Better Prostate-Cancer Test? Several new prostate-cancer tests aim to reduce needless biopsies and unnecessary treatments by sorting out harmless from aggressive tumors.” The Wall Street Journal by Melinda Beck WSJ.com

27 December 2015  “Should MRIs be the first step 
in screening for prostate cancer?Omaha World-Herald by Rick Ruggles omaha.com

17 September 2014 “Prostate Cancer Awareness Month – Stop Random Biopsies: The Crusade for Greater Prostate Imaging Awareness in Men with Prostate Cancer.” prnewswire.com

07 August 2013  “Ox Man: Auckland teacher faces rare cancer, rare treatment.” Newshub TV by Staff  newshub.co.nz

30 May 2013  “Take prostate cancer news with grain of salt, doc says.” OC Register by Landon Hall ocregister.com

31 December 2012  “Jeffrey Turner, MD, Medical Oncologist, Joins Prostate Oncology Specialists in Marina del Rey, CA.”  prnewswire.com

07 September 2012 “Prostate Cancer Specialists, Drs. Mark Scholz and Richard Lam To Present At The PCRI Conference 2012.” prnewswire.com

21 September 2011  “Marina del Rey Prostate Cancer Specialist Says New Treatment Offers Hope for Patients:  Dr. Mark Scholz of the Marina del Rey-based Prostate Oncology Specialists says PROVENGE offers hope to advanced prostate cancer patients and offers advice for men worried about the disease.” Patch b patch.com

29 March 2011 “Prostate Oncology Specialists, Inc. Launches “Prostate Snatchers” – A Blog Featuring Posts by the Co-Authors of Invasion of the Prostate Snatchers.” prnewswire.com 

16 August 2011 “Prostate Oncology Specialists Congratulates Dr. Richard Lam Named in Super Doctors®.”


Prostate Pros | Blog from Drs. Mark Scholz, Richard Lam, and Jeffrey Turner. ourblogpage

Prostate Vanguard a campaign designed educate and bring awareness to prostate cancer imaging technologies Color Doppler Ultrasound + Three Tesla Multiparametric MRI. prostatevanguard.com

Invasion of the Prostate Snatchers: The Blog co authors Ralph Blum & Mark Scholz, MD | This blog is a map through the medical minefield of prostate cancer. prostatesnatchers.blogspot.com

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