PROSTATE PROS Episode 15: Off-label Treatment Used for Prostate Cancer


“So these medicines are effective, but you may not hear about them.  It’s certainly not something that’s FDA approved and so it flies under the radar.”- Dr. Scholz 

Standard of care is based on consensus-driven, evidence based guidelines that ensure optimal outcomes.  Doctors use these guidelines to know how to treat their patients and insurance companies use these guidelines to know what they should cover for each patient.  Unfortunately, the standard of care doesn’t allow for all possible options.  Some men with prostate cancer are running out of options, what do they do when they have no more treatment options?  What about men who don’t like the side effect profile of their current options?  These men may be able to find a solution with off-label therapy.  Off-label therapy is using FDA approved medications in an unapproved way.

Off-Label Therapies Mentioned in the Episode:

How to Find Off-Label Therapy: 

  1. Search  If you are not eligible for the trial you can ask your doctor for a prescription. 
  2. Visit an academic center.  Academic centers do a lot of clinical trials and have high ethical standards and review boards. 
  3. Find a specialist. Doctors who narrowly treat one type of disease can quickly identify what actually works.  

Search for prostate cancer clinical trials 

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