PROSTATE PROS Bonus Episode: Interview with Marc Peck, MD


“You can get through this.  There’s lots of options and there is so much more available to you than there was for me 20 years ago.”–Dr. Marc Peck 

When Dr. Marc Peck, a Colorado urgent care and family practice physician, was 44 his PSA came back elevated. His random biopsy showed Gleason 3 + 3 prostate cancer. He later had a radical prostatectomy, hormone therapy, IMRT, and even experimented with some alternative therapies to try to cure his cancer.  Unfortunately these treatments left him with unwanted side effects and he still needed to find a way to manage his prostate cancer.  His journey began back in 2001, and now in 2020, despite his doctors telling him that his time was running out, Dr. Peck continues to search for options and educate himself on the disease.  Join Dr. Peck as he recounts his 20-year-long journey with prostate cancer.  

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