Prostate Oncology Specialists Launches PROSTATE PROS Podcast to Educate Men with Prostate Cancer

The PROSTATE PROS podcast with Mark Scholz, MD. Avoid prostate cancer pitfalls and take control of your diagnosis.

MARINA DEL REY, Calif., May 6, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — PROSTATE PROS is a new monthly podcast hosted by prostate cancer specialist and author Mark Scholz, MD.  Beginning June 03, 2019, Dr. Scholz will guide listeners through everything they need to know about prostate cancer. The PROSTATE PROS podcast fights diagnosis fears with facts.

Listening to the PROSTATE PROS podcast keeps men updated with the latest in prostate cancer research and helps them understand all the possible treatment options.  With PROSTATE PROS, anyone can be a prostate cancer expert and avoid prostate cancer pitfalls.

Dr. Scholz believes that in order to avoid pitfalls, such as adhering to a “one-size-fits-all” treatment approach, patients must educate themselves that prostate cancer is not a single illness.  With 15 different stages and numerous treatment options, prostate cancer is complex. “To attempt to manage a prostate cancer diagnosis without an in-depth knowledge of stage is a dangerous endeavor.  With the continuously increasing amount of information and research, it is more important now than ever that patients educate themselves on the disease,” says Dr. Scholz.

For the past 25 years Dr. Scholz has specialized in treating only prostate cancer.  Through his daily practice, he has seen first-hand how overwhelming a diagnosis can be for patients and their loved ones. Finding accurate, stage specific information can be difficult. This is a frightening time in a man’s life and many men rush into treatment.  The consequences of treatment get overlooked in the hope that acting immediately will prolong their life. The truth is the treatment is often worse than the disease, and choosing the correct stage specific treatment is imperative to improving both longevity and quality of life.

The podcast features topics such as newest screening technologies, clinical trials, and stage-specific treatment options.  Listeners also get to hear from guests such as Drs. Richard Lam, Jeffrey Turner, and other leaders helping men with prostate cancer. The first episode discusses assembling a treatment team and covers how to avoid treatment bias, how share a diagnosis with loved ones, and the benefits of joining a support group.  Listen to the trailer.

PROSTATE PROS launches June 03, 2019 on iTunes Podcasts.  Episodes are 20-30 minutes in length and will be released the first Monday of each month. Please rate, review, and subscribe to PROSTATE PROS on iTunes. PROSTATE PROS is also available on soundcloud.

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