Axumin PET Scans: A Breakthrough for Prostate Cancer

Axumin is an FDA-approved, Medicare-covered scan that can achieve early detection of recurrent prostate cancer after surgery or radiation. For years we have been able to detect prostate cancer recurrences with PSA, but standard body and bone scans have been unable to determine the location of the cancer until the PSA level is excessively elevated (10 to 30 or higher).

Axumin can detect recurrent disease with PSA levels less than 10 and sometimes much lower, which is the reason this scan is such an important development. READ THE FULL ARTICLE HERE >

5 thoughts on “Axumin PET Scans: A Breakthrough for Prostate Cancer

    • Prostate Oncology Post authorReply

      In some cases, sometimes the scan will detect it.

  1. Phillip Reply

    High grade 9 ( 5+4) tumor removed with positive margins. Negative lymph nodes and negative seminal vesicles. surgery 2 1/2 months ago. Doing adjuvant care with six months Lupron and scheduled for IMRT of prostate bed and surrounding areas . Preop bone scan revealed several non-determinate foci in acetabulum, parietal bone and rib. Radiology report indicated: “metastasis cannot be entirely excluded.”
    Question: If this new Axumin Prostate PET Scan yielded areas of concern, would adjuvant radiation care still be recommended.

  2. Dr. Jared Falek Reply

    How does this test compare with Gallium-68 PSMA for detecting location of reoccurring cancer following radical protatectomy and radiation treatment?

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