Principles of Treatment.
> The goal is survival, with a good quality of life.
> Quality of life priorities are always personal.
> Personalized care comes through patient education.

We are neither surgeons nor radiation therapists. Therefore, all treatments are given equal consideration and recommended on their merits and relevance to each patient’s specific situation. The initial step toward selecting treatment always entails gathering all pertinent information about the stage of disease with blood tests, urine tests, scans, biopsy results and physical examination. It is impossible to select the best treatment when there is uncertainty about the stage of the disease.

Patients who are trying to decide treatment should always rely on the services of two separate doctors, one who guides the selection of treatment process and another who actually performs the treatment.  The doctor guiding treatment selection should never be the one who does the treatment.  He may be able to assist in determining which doctor will be best for performing the treatment. But it is a conflict of interest for him to suggest himself as the treating doctor.

We aim to treat patients the way we want to be treated. Our patients are empowered so they can make the best choices. We don’t have a preset treatment agenda. Our recommendations are personalized based on the individual characteristics of each man’s unique situation. Great care must be exercised in selecting treatment. The prostate is planted in the very center of a man’s sexuality and just under the urinary bladder. Improper treatment can cause devastating effects on quality of life.