10 Treatment Options for Prostate Cancer Patients

Prevention & Treatment
There are a number of prostate cancer treatments to consider. Here’s what to think about before you make a decision.


Prostate cancer, like all cancers, can be an overwhelming diagnosis. Patients and caregivers are expected to make important treatment choices while dealing with the emotional shock and stress of the diagnosis. Fortunately, prostate cancer grows very slowly, providing plenty of time to decide. Patients need to educate themselves so they can discuss their treatment options with their medical team and make the best decisions. Even doctors may be unaware of the latest treatment options, which is not surprising when considering the explosive rate of new medical developments.

The proper way of staging prostate cancer has been elevated almost to an art form. Of the various treatments listed below, some are appropriate for one stage and inappropriate for another. So, while this article won’t address the issue of staging, the question of whether a specific treatment is “stage-appropriate” always remains important. READ FULL ARTICLE HERE @MediaPlanet

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