What is Intermediate Risk Prostate Cancer?


2 thoughts on “What is Intermediate Risk Prostate Cancer?

  1. Audrey Miller Reply

    What are the “risk” of females who are in reproductive ages and young 2 year old female baby being in close proximity to this procedure with “radiation” seed to destroy cancer. How soon should patient seek treatment. My husband is taking a “layed back” attitude. He needs to investigate the best options.

    • Prostate Oncology Post authorReply

      You should listen to the newest PROSTATE PROS Podcast episode “Proceeding to Top Seed.” It covers that question as well as gets more in depth about the benefits and drawbacks of the two types of seed radiation. Listen on soundcloud Apple Podcasts, or visit podcast.prostateoncology.compodcast.prostateoncology.compodcast.prostateoncology.com.
      You’re right, it is so crucial to investigate the best options before making a decision! Start researching options with the prostate cancer staging quiz at keytopc.com. The quiz will accurately identify his stage of prostate cancer and guide him to stage specific information and treatment options. If either of you have further questions, check out the Prostate Cancer Research Institute. You can find them online at pcri.org, or call their free helpline at 310-743-2116.

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