OPKO 4Kscore


We would consider OPKO 4Kscore or Intelliscore ExoDx Prostate as supplemental investigation to a PSA blood test.  A typical candidate for an OPKO 4Kscore would be a patient who has not had a biopsy, a proven diagnosis, but concerned about having a diagnosis of prostate cancer —  has an elevated PSA and other risk factors such family history of prostate cancer.  It fits the median between certain elevation of PSA and a concern versus actually going straight to a biopsy.  This test is a good stepping stone for the next evaluation.

For patients considering doing an OPKO 4Kscore, the usual turn around time is 2-3 weeks and we believe that is plenty time to get those results back before we decide to pursue further evaluation, which includes a targeted prostate biopsy.  One of the things we may recommend, in addition to OPKO 4Kscore, even previously before a 4Kscore is done would be prostate imaging – either a color Doppler ultrasound a multi-parametric MRI.

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