Intelliscore ExoDx and PCA-3


For patients that do have an elevated PSA, there are other screening tools that fit in nicely before doing a biopsy.  A few of those are different tests – one of them is a blood test called a OPKO 4Kscore and the second one is a urine test called Intelliscore ExoDx Prostate.  These are basically other biomarker tests to help us figure out if a patient may have cancer and a more significant type of cancer that would warrant treatment.

The PCA-3 is another urine  biomarker test that is followed by a digital rectal examination (DRE) – so this does require an invasive prostate exam prior to the urine testing.

My thoughts are with the new ExoDx Prostate, that PCA-3 will fall off in favor, because PCA-3 is not shown as accurate testing compared to ExoDx Prostate, but it is certainly still useful and can be used in addition to typical PSA testing and fits nicely into consideration before patients decide to do prostate imaging or a prostate biopsy.  PCA-3 is useful, but I would prefer Intelliscore ExoDx Prostate because the testing sensitivity is also better.

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